About Us

Labquip is a specialized laboratory equipment supply house. In the same business for over 30 years, we have grown to have offices and staff in 8 countries of Asia, and still growing. Collectively and directly, we employ over 90 associates.

The Labquip product range includes general laboratory equipment, instruments,  and specialties in Science. We continue to add innovative products and to work on cutting edge technologies. Working with some of the best manufacturers in the business, we always provide excellent products and services.

Our clients are the Research Institutes, Hospitals, Schools, Regulatory Bodies, Industrial and Commercial Testing Labs.

We are not only a business but a growing family. The Labquip Family is present in all the countries from India to Taiwan. Together, we present an integrated sales, marketing and support force in the region.

  • Closely interlinked by daily and frequent communication.
  • Shared resources.
  • Unified marketing.
  • Technical support.
  • Stock.
  • Finance.

Labquip has a proven track record of partnerships with our suppliers and clients in every country in Asia. Your success is ours too.

LabIVF is a spin off subsidiary from Labquip – a separate entity we branched out; they are focused on IVF, Infertility and Cryogenic equipment. LabIVF have a separate and independent office in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

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